Saturday, August 09, 2008

Enjoy to the last Yen!

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Hello and Goodbye WorldCALL 2008!

To start reflecting about my WorldCALL 2008 experience with a farewell post, can tell a lot about how much knowledge we were exposed to since the conference has started:intellectually, socially, culturally, digitally, wirelessly, civiliz*ingly* and webehad*ingly*!Without exception, attending WorldCALL08 was the most rewarding experience in our lives, if comparison could fit here with any! More to come soon!
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Airport. Another culture shock in Japan!

Monday, August 04, 2008

When a Dream Comes True!

Finally, after almost 24 hours trip, the dream came true! Accompanying Susan from Doha made the trip very comfortable and fun.I am not sure if my computer will let me finish this post. I am posting from my room, with a battery of 37% left. I have to buy a transformer tomorrow. Here is another photo.We didn't meet the rest of the Latin America girls. All sleeping. Thanks Nina for showing me and Susan around our rooms. You are our f2f and virtual master.Make sure I will not tell about the secret:-) Wait until I tell you what happened behind you girls!!!! Viki, the one met me and Susan at the airport, said we have to take the subway to Fukuoka University . Taxis are too expensive. We decided to meet at 7:00 am for breakfast and go together.
Be it a mass loss of webheads in Fukuoka