Wednesday, March 25, 2009

British Council Sudan Workshop at Rotana

The British Council Sudan invited a great number of English language teachers and educators from all over Sudan to a workshop at Al-Salam Rotana Hotel in Khartoum. The workshop objective(s!) was to raise teachers' awareness of the availability of the The BC wants to know if the material found online do suits Sudanese context; whether schools or universities, parents(can)use it, and if any teacher has been using it with his students and for his own professional development. The workshop was a success! People discussed what can be used/not used, a questionnaire was distributed and the results were discussed immediately after the lunch break. That was amazing! Ustaz Taj was behind this, no wonder!! I commented on the short video about Second Life. I wrote before that I am not a SL'ifer, at least not in the near future. When the video was playing, I was busy watching teachers' faces and expressions, trying to figure if they are really getting what's this all about. Nothing! An old Prof, Jubara, told he doesn't agree with me on saying that SL is not for Sudan. When I asked him""do you know what is SL?" The answer was "No, not really." So, I found myself explaining about SL and trying to justify my point of view.
The food was GREAT. I met beautiful people whom I haven't been in touch for years. This is what is great about big events held by BC or the American Embassy. You grantee ALL will come!