Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sharing Culture Interview

I am in Cairo now. I am at an Internet cafe near the house. I left the kids with my friend because I have a meeting with a friends' students doing a project entitled "Sharing Culture" I went the day before and checked the software I needed, but today, there were serious sound problems that hindered having a smooth interview.It was great to hear the sweet voices of the students, Maria Belen and Agustina.
The page looks amazing, with all the info compiled on the wiki page
It's amazing how I feel so committed to this friend, or any other teacher, in the webheads community of practice. They taught me, or is it just a viral infectious learning, to share, care and lend a helping hand whenever possible. But this "possibility" if I may call it, turns to something else, turns to a real commitment i real lie. Amazing, ha?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Five Minute University!

Globally true? It is here in my country too!!:-)
UPDATE:::: You Tube has been blocked in Sudan.No logical reasons!!!!!!!!!1

How does your blog relate to your business?

I was tagged by Cristina Costa in a posed challenge to answer the question"“How does your blog relate to your business?”Here is my answer:
"I am blogging because I am a life-long learner. I am willing to share what I have learned. I need to learn with/from others. I love to read/watch others’ contribution to knowledge . I like to track how knowledge is distributed. Isn’t this what is all about? Sharing knowledge, experience, feelings, networking collaboratively with local and international communities. Although I hate writing, here I am, blogging about everything. I blog because I NEED to be inside the blogosphere which is created by bloggers, the real people with whom we live and interact. I guess it is also about communicating with people. Can I call it peo-blogging ( people-blogging)? I don’t have many blogs, five at Blogger and two at Wordpres! When I started to blog, which is the way how to learn the blogging process, I wasn’t aware of the dozens of the world-wide-windows that keep on opening with every blog post I add, or every post I read. I blog because blogging have changed my life and it will keep on giving me a better life, with other bloggers!!"

Sunday, May 18, 2008

what to advise a student about using the Web.

Copied from George Siemens'eLearning Resources and News:
"Seb Schmoller has compiled a short list on what to advise a student about using the Web. The list is a good starting point for educators who are trying to improve their own use of the web (after all, we need to become somewhat competent with the tools before we expect to model use for learners).

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Japan go Africa

April 30, 2008:
Japan announced its plan to build 1,000 schools in Africa over the next five years.
"Japan will be assisting in the enhancement of teachers’ abilities in the classroom, focusing mainly on improving teaching methods in math and science" Why not English too?
Just whirling thoughts!!Full story here..Excellent plan!

Mobile Learning in Africa

Wireless connection is more easier to connect to students, educators,and all the people in Africa. In Sudan, mobile is the most handy digital toy in the hand of ALL students. Poor or rich, all have their different styles and models for mobile.
I think it is high time to have specialists to study the usage of ICT(particularly mobile phones) in Sudanese society and culture.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

ICT Course Graduation

With a flat tyre , I manged to reach Ahfad University late for Leikny's excellent summary for what was covered on the course. It was very nice to have all the participants together, from different universities in Khartoum, coming together with a very powerful sense of satisfaction about what they have learned and achieved from Leikny's content and delivery method.Seconding one of the teachers, her delivery style taught us a lot about dealing with a very different context in a very flexible and creative way.Leikny, if you happen to come back to this blog, you are GREAT!
Thanks! I lost my PC Suite Cable to add pictures of the graduations .Later!