Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sperficial Spam!

In a response to a post on the ESL Sudan Google Group yesterday:
you wrote:
>”I don't know why you are so worried about "spam"; it's just normal….”
Absolutely! Yes! I agree. Getting spam massages are very normal.
>” ignore it and have fun. It seems to me we are discussing superficial things”
I am afraid members of this group could lose the fun part of learning if they are not aware of the danger of these spam messages and they happen to have spammers attach their computers. Usually, spam emails go the “junk “or “spam “folder, not to the inbox. When they succeed into getting to the inbox, problems will start. If you check the discussions in our group: you will notice that we are getting more spammed posts.
When I posted earlier about “spam’ messages, I was *not* discussing anything. Actually, I was making sure that all member of the group are aware of these types of spam messages. Also, I wanted members be careful about responding or following the links added on the spammer’s email so as to prevent them from falling into the trap.(Check group discussion)
Some member of ESL Sudan had already fallen into the trap when they , as being courteous in welcoming a new member, started to reply to the spammer having no idea of what’s behind this email. The dangers of this type of responding are:
Firstly, it could be an attempt to test if the email address is active and valuable for further spamming.Secondly, we will have more spammers joining the group. Thirdly, following a link like this, could lead to very serious damages to computers, as it may contain computer viruses or spywares that can have access to the computer used. Consequences? Gaining access to files and folders on the computer, send inappropriate information or prone images to all your contact list. I am not going to “discuss” ransomwares, financial scams, losing money in bank accounts, illegal activities, credit card information, drugs, or Internet crimes because the members of this group are teachers of English and not indulged in ANY of the previous dangers. But, this is how things are on the cyberspace and this why more serious actions have been taking place about Internet security issues and active fighting of spam.
Moderating each post could be very difficult in group of large members. Turning on the moderation setting to a group have never meant to BLOCK any teachers from joining in. On the contrary, it will guarantee a safe environment for learning, discussing or collaborating, especially if students are thought to be invited. Please correct me if I wrong, I think this is has been suggested earlier about inviting ASTEL members and students to use the material sent for the DVC. New members only have to drop a line about who are they ( a teacher/ student).
If anyone is interested to know about the danger of spam, you may check these web sites:
About spam:
E-mail spam:
More about spam:
Tips on how to deal with spam:
Thank you for reading until here!
Have a blessful Ramadan!
Hala Fawzi ( Didn't know that this will turn into a long post.Sorry!)

Connections for a Better World

I joined "Connecting Online CC09"a Ning community,which created by Nellie to "share "online" personal and professional learning experiences in preparation for the online conference in February 6-8, 2009. The invitation was by Nellie, who has been known as an active online researcher who is always connecting people, researchers and teachers in many platforms. Thanks Nellie!This is my first post there
Our context, cultures or views may differ, but the spirit we share of digging for more knowledge leads us to join/create more connections. For me, with the development of technology, the birth of the Internet, and the online connections with other "cyberism" that I started to make, global windows were opened to new opportunists for learning and gaining knowledge in all fields. The changes in attitudes, views, behavior, career and eventually, changes in the value of us as human beings, to both our real and virtual societies are what connections should achieve. Certainly, the world have changed since the minute of early online connections, but we are all longing for a better world, a new connected-utopia,

Towards more learning, sharing and better societies.
Cristina Costa added a comment:
Dear Hala,
You said it all.
I think that those who are really looking forward to truly connect to others will be able to establish the so long awaited Utopia where connecting really means to learn with care. And where what interests the most is that we make ourselves available to others (volunteer support, mutual respect, joint engagement). In doing that we also receive what we give. Sometimes...most times... even more. And that is what makes us come back and look for more - the feeling that we are welcomed here (online) and that we belong to this connected world, which in a way is aiming at overcoming some of the impersonal off-site spaces where people are to busy to connect.
I think online we have found a new way, and a pretext too, to re-connect, and thus awake the community spirit, which is so important to all of us. After all, finding new ways of establishing true communication (connecting) are part of what we are as human beings.
I am just glad to be part of the same community as you are. It certainly has made my world better! ;-)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan is the month in which I recharge my spiritual soul. I decided to come out of this Ramadan as clean as when I came from Hajj. It has been a long year,with some dark sides I wished never witnessed. The most important thing that I, my kids, husband, my mom and the rest of my family are all in good health.Being in good health is very difficult in this country, though. May Allah fulfill my wishes. Ramadan kareem to the Islamic Ummah!