Monday, February 27, 2006

Hello World

Hello Students.This our first blog ever in our CTS.We will use it for reading,writing,listening and communication.I hope we will enjoy using it,but soon each of you will has his own,right?Please post your comments below.Start blogging now and let the world hear our voices,see our photos and know what's in our mindsTeacher Hala.


kurulus said...

Dear teacher Hala.I like this page.I will do mine and let you know.bye.Kurulus.index2331

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher.this me is cool .it is too late in night.tomorrow I will write when I go to the cmputer lab.Sara Aziz.index56.

Anonymous said...

I am Hana with Sara now at her home.We are very happy about this.We want to have one like this.See you tomorrw teacher.Hana Radi(63)