Saturday, January 13, 2007

A course I am eager to take

2007 Leadership Development Certificate Program
Leadership Development for Professional Growth is designed for TESOL members who are interested in building leadership and supervisory skills
needed within the EFL/ESL workplace. This new strand was developed to address the increasing need for leadership training geared to supervisory positions within language programs.
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When I looked upon the specification of the workshop, I said to myself”Wasn’t this what we have been talking about today concerning what teachers need?”
Qualities of Effective Leadership
The key to effective leadership resides in learning to master a set of skills that range from managing processes to inspiring others to achieve excellence in their work and in how to assess one’s own abilities related to these skills. This workshop will focus on developing key leadership skills related to communication, coaching, delegating, and developing teams. These skills are used when hiring people, letting people go, running meetings, resolving conflict, and delegating authority. Self assessment exercises will be offered to help participants both assess and improve their leadership ability.
Financial Planning: Budgets and Course Costing
To ensure an ELT organization meets its goals and provides quality programs and services to its clients, it must be financially viable. Financial management and planning are crucial skills for leaders of language programs. In this workshop, we will present basic principles for developing and monitoring budgets. Tools for developing a business case and evaluating financial performance will also be shared.
Leadership for Teacher Change: Supervision
Leaders in language education must spend considerable time and energy on teacher growth and development. This workshop will focus on a model of supervision that derives from research, uses a paradigm for learning and teaching that is grounded in a constructivist approach to education, and focuses on improving teacher effectiveness and professional growth.
Strategic Planning
ELT organizations need to respond to changing demands. Strategic planning is a process an organization uses to examine itself and its environment to determine where it wants to be in time and how to get there.We will present a framework for strategic planning and provide tools to work though the process with interactive, problem-solving participation.

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