Friday, April 27, 2007

A Water Drop!

Web Enhanced TPD
Due to constant advancement of Internet technologies, everyday the sun shines with a new "popped-up" opportunity to interact in cyberspace. The new born opportunities are brought on a silver plate for educators, teachers and learners. The interaction can lead to facilitating of language learning, teacher training and communication between both teachers and learners in the Internet.Issues of TPD have been in constant discussions in most educational forums in Sudan, as well as other developing countries. The major focus of this paper is to spot light on how a successful online learning, with the free Web tools, are used for EFL/ESL teachers around the world for ongoing TPD. The major objective is to further our understanding about the use web tools,( the why, how and what), with a suggestion to implement some of them in Khartoum for TPD.
This is my introduction for a short article I am planning to send to a local newspaper soon (time..time..time...)I guess a water drop is not an easy thing to get in summer ,so this is a water drop in a full water spout!

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