Thursday, June 07, 2007

All Went Well+Surprises

It was really a blast!
Everything, thank Allah, went very well. No techie glitches at all, thanks to Nagy, the techie young man at the BC.
When I came back online, after two days off the virtual=real world, I had to take more than two hours reading emails of congrat's about the presentation and about my post below" Teaching Values, unconsciously!"
What's the story? Cris had let the cat out of the bag on an email to the webehads:
Yesterday Hala, Teresa and I met at ALADO.We had a great time while preparing
Hala's presentation.Hala was told us about one of her latest experiences with students. (Halainha,I am sorry if I am letting the cat out of the bag, but this has to be shared with the world -You are such a true inspiration!
Today on my way to work, I was thinking about our conversation again, and it
struck me that I would like to pursue some future research such a topic related
to the Humanware -about good practices, where technology is used as an inclusive
way to educate students to become not only experts in their are, but also to
become better citizens.I don't know if such a topic is possible, but you have just inspired me for it.I big Thank you from the heart!
My tribute to you is here

Thank you Cris!


Hala said...

Copying and psting from the evo2002 list:
"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops."
--Henry Brooks Adams
Thank you for making the world a better place.
Beijinhos from Portugal,
Ramona Dietrich
Tue Jun 5, 2007
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Hala said...

Re: Tribute to Hala
I hardly ever find time for posting, but can't avoid it today:
Hala, you should know you have ALREADY made a difference in somebody
else's world... Let me try and make a long story short:
As part of the assignments for Ethics at Teacher's Training College, I
have asked my class to blog as they reflect about Ethical dilemmas
(you can see the class blog here:; links to individual blogs in
the sidebar. One of students (Muhanned) visited commented on Yohana's
blog... Yohana thought the comment most interesting and visited
Muhanned's blog in turn... and now she keeps telling the class about
life in Sudan and ideas that blog inspire in her... In his blog,
Muhanned thanks you for getting him blogging...Today she said "I would
never have thought a school subject would lead me to interact with
people all over the world"...
I was in two minds about whether posting this just to Hala or to the
community, but I then decided Hala is just one of the many stars that
make cyberspace like a brilliant night sky for me...
Thanks to you all for making a difference in the world!
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Wed Jun 6, 2007

Cris said...

Of course it went well. It went magnificently.
You were brilliant. You put your ideas across and you are able to motivate people.
If I had to choose the most important thing I I learned from the Navy, I would say it was about guiding people. If you want people to follow you, don't impose your ideas; inspire "your people" to your ideas _ give them a reason - and they will follow you.
And that is what you did with your enthusiastic attitude!


Hala said...

Thanks Cris for dropping by!
You always inpire us and others!I think I should think about working with the Sudanese navy!:-))

Hala said...

It is for Hala.
What exactly did I teach them, apart of teaching them about love, dignity, life, that each one of them is so special, about the importance of being proud of their own culture, responsibility, studying hard, respecting each other, saying thank you all the time???
Hala. What else could you teach?
Warm hugs, Horacio.Tue, 5 Jun 2007