Saturday, September 13, 2008

Connections for a Better World

I joined "Connecting Online CC09"a Ning community,which created by Nellie to "share "online" personal and professional learning experiences in preparation for the online conference in February 6-8, 2009. The invitation was by Nellie, who has been known as an active online researcher who is always connecting people, researchers and teachers in many platforms. Thanks Nellie!This is my first post there
Our context, cultures or views may differ, but the spirit we share of digging for more knowledge leads us to join/create more connections. For me, with the development of technology, the birth of the Internet, and the online connections with other "cyberism" that I started to make, global windows were opened to new opportunists for learning and gaining knowledge in all fields. The changes in attitudes, views, behavior, career and eventually, changes in the value of us as human beings, to both our real and virtual societies are what connections should achieve. Certainly, the world have changed since the minute of early online connections, but we are all longing for a better world, a new connected-utopia,

Towards more learning, sharing and better societies.
Cristina Costa added a comment:
Dear Hala,
You said it all.
I think that those who are really looking forward to truly connect to others will be able to establish the so long awaited Utopia where connecting really means to learn with care. And where what interests the most is that we make ourselves available to others (volunteer support, mutual respect, joint engagement). In doing that we also receive what we give. Sometimes...most times... even more. And that is what makes us come back and look for more - the feeling that we are welcomed here (online) and that we belong to this connected world, which in a way is aiming at overcoming some of the impersonal off-site spaces where people are to busy to connect.
I think online we have found a new way, and a pretext too, to re-connect, and thus awake the community spirit, which is so important to all of us. After all, finding new ways of establishing true communication (connecting) are part of what we are as human beings.
I am just glad to be part of the same community as you are. It certainly has made my world better! ;-)

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