Thursday, November 20, 2008

Leslie Opp-Beckman in Sudan

Leslie Opp-Beckman
I was invited to attend a workshop at the Department of University Requirements, University of Khartoum conducted by Dr. Opp-Beckman, senior instructor; technology coordinator at the American English Institute, University of Oregon. The workshop was based on "Shaping the Way We Teach English" modules. The effect of the workshop on the teachers attended, was like when very thirsty people, in a desert, are offered a bucket of water! Simply, it was fantastic! The content, the instructor, organization, materials, resources and the food of thought we went with were all what kept teachers hang on to the workshop. Teachers considered Leslie a unique instructor who really shaped the way we teach English. Slide show of photos on Picassa
More about Leslie here and her visit.
Her work with professional development videoconferencing series for English as a Foreign Language educators in Thailand, 2007-08

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