Sunday, March 01, 2009

Article: Teacher Training in Sudan

I felt sad many times, or was it too many times, whenever I needed to search for an issue concerning teacher training in Sudan, ELT in Sudan or English language in Sudan. Google used to, and still do, come out with hundreds of the words goggled, but in completely different fields: charity, teaching in Sudan, program , organization, UNCEF, NGO's and others.(You may want to check it out for yourself!)
Research in Sudan? I wrote about this topic elsewhere after my visit to Nigeria, where I was very impressed about their obsession of having their articles and research published . I felt so small when I was asked about English language newsletters and periodicals in Khartoum. I didn't dare to say, "I am sorry, but we do not have any!"
Today, I was more than happy to read an article : Teachers’ Training in Sudan, by Dr Ahmed Gasm Alseed, Associate Professor- Applied Linguistics, Faculty of Education-University of Gezira -SUDAN.
(Hi, Supervisor!) It gives a background about the topic for the one who needs to have an overall framework of the topic. I really dream of having a journal for each State in Sudan! I know the dream will come true after TESOL Sudan is born!



I have no words to express how much love i feel in my heart to have had the opportunity to meet a person like you, at least by the internet. I am part of Webhead Yahoo group. Unfortunately I had no time to keep posting my reflections. I am a lurker now due to the amount of work I have. I am a coordinator and also a private English teacher in Brazil. I hope we keep in touch. I am reading your blog little by little. There is so much to learn with you, your culture, beliefs, etc.
Please, receive my friendship.
kelly da Silva Vieira

Hala said...

hi Keely,
Thanks for dropping by, and for the sweet words about me and my blog:-)
I love Brazilians! In fact, I always feel we, Sudanese, have much in common.
I am also reading your blogs. You have a nice, rich blog.
Let's keep in touch.
Hala (proud to be your friend)