Monday, June 29, 2009

Sudanse music خلي العيش حرام - السمندل

خلي العيش حرام، مقطوعة موسيقية لفرقة السمندل، معالجة وتوزيع الفنان الدكتور الفاتح حسين


Randa said...

I lo the soft beat, souds more western! I don't know why I expected Sudanese music to be more African.

Randa said...

I don't link the name of the song to the music, anything specific that the music conveys?

Hala said...

Dear Randa,
Glad you liked the soft beat.
Some of the Sudanese music are African, but most of them have distinguished rhythm. the difference from the Egyptian is on the (7th Ladder), if my translation is correct.
Thanks for passing by:-)