Friday, March 02, 2007

Muslim focus for British Council

I wonder whether this is going to affect us , directly or indirectly, positively or negatively!!How marvelously they put objectives for the far future to guarantee security and peace for people and country!!! A true genuine organized British plan!
A diversed point to consider when we deal with the BC could be clear in Dr.Amna Bedri reply to my FWD message about the topic:
Thanks hala very interesting, its also up to us to make use of this
opportunity especially in the field of ELT and to beware as well
two years ago I attended a workshop in Britain and all the focus was on
eastern European countries and south America to the extent that i
to the organizers, we were three Muslims from Qatar and Iraq???? and Sudan focus is on the south and Darfur, that what they said so we
were disadvantaged 3 times for being Sudanese, teachers not politicians and
working in the north of lets think hard"

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