Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Growing Multilitracies

The term 'multiliteracies' was coined to describe what constitutes literacy in today's world…not only language, but " multiple kinds of literacies which are embedded in multimodal texts".Warscharure states,on his book "Electronic Literacies" that; "concepts of literacy changes".Also, " change intersects with other social ,economic, cultural and political factors to help determine how literacy is practiced."
I am working on my del.ici.ous account these days, working on the mess, there trying to keep everything in its place, in an organized way, before the beginning of the year.
I was so impressed to see how I was indulged into multilitracies, wondering how did I mange to move from the first page I desinged in PP100, using dreamweaver (with all the broken links except of my baby's!)to the pbwiki I created in PP107 course with Vance.
How great is the gab?

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