Sunday, January 27, 2008

Second Life is not for Me!

I have been to SL only once. It was not a happy experience, as I experienced a computer crash three days later. I didn't know whether the reason is for SL existing inside my hard disk, or was it only a coincidence!
I have not tried to install it again. This year in EVERYWHERE!I HAD to install it because it is one of the tasks I have to go over in both baw08 and Tips and Tricks sessions. I thought, ok, I will give it another try, maybe it is me who didn't work hard on digging and working on it further. SO? I did it! I was there with Dave Winet and some other tipsandtrickers. I spent around three hours there. Yes, I enjoyed it very much, but I am now very sure, SL is not for me as long as I am in Sudan!More reflections after the coming SL tour with Dafne in February.
Above is Me, Caty Habilis, with the foxy face, at the night club ( wow!)in the English Village.


Berta said...

Dear Hala, I have been sitting for a couple of hours multitasking on different things as I am preparing for a writing course I will teach next term, as of April 21st, with our engineering students and I ran into your blog. When I read the heading of this post I could not help but smile. I have downloaded SL in two different computers and both have crashed seriously (I got really scared last year when it happened to my laptop, but this year the one at work crashed too). My experience last year was rather negative as I entered the SL portal NAKED and was very embarassed.
I don´t think I want to dress differently or look differently from what I do already. I don´t want to have another identity. This is my life, even if I enter SL, I am still the same old me when I go to sleep each night and wake up the next.
Even if Daf is my friend and coworker, I am still behind the SL experience :-(
Well, it was nice running into you through your blog again.
BTW, do you have L2 student-writers that might want to join our class once in a while?

All the best from Caracas,

Hala said...

Helo Berta,
I guess we share the same feelings about not changing our identity. I believe that as long as SL will make my students confused, then why do I use it! For me, as a teacher, I am so happy with the several communities of teachers I interact with.So, why make life more complicated?
Thank you dear Berta for dropping by.
hugs, Hala