Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How do you teach English to such a large class?

Today, I took these shots for the two classes I teach. First Year Computer Science (100). First Year IT Diploma (300). Above all, I am the one who is supposed to design a syllabus for the courses I teach. I put the master copy at the computer center and ask(push/force) students to photocopy. I am totally exhausted, frustrated,depressed and feeling hopeless. The university doesn't want to pay for a syllabus. Correcting exam papers? Correcting assignments? Assessing students? Class control? All these do not compare to creating activities to engage them in class. I don't feel like writing more. I wish I can zoom in the photo to have only 20 students in class. How am I feeling today is leading me very fast towards quitting the job!:-(
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Nadia said...

Hi Hala,

I am just reading your blog and thinking how wonderful job you are doing! I understand it can sometimes be frustrating having such large classes but it may happen with much smaller classes, as well, that you feel thing are not gong the way you would like them to go.
I presume you are having a bit of rest after the hectic last week with the BaW. Thanks for all that you have done!
Some time ago I also posted a comment at another of your blogs, that one about the Nile, hope you find it!
Cheers, Nadia

Dennis said...

Salaam, my friend.

I totally sympathize with the frustration you are feeling about integrating technology into your classes. I've had similar experiences myself, and I've sure that many, many other teachers who want to add CALL components to their classes have also had similar experiences. It's the price you pay for being an innovator!

Even so, I'm very impressed with what you've already done, and I wish you total success in moving forward with it.

I'm also very pleased that you and Maru and I had the chance to work together in BaW09.

My heart is with you regarding current events in your country. I'm thinking of you!

Very best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix

Dennis said...

Hello again.

I tried to leave a comment at BubbleShare, but there were problems. Here's the comment that I tried to leave:

"Your classes are HUGE, Hala. I'm impressed that you've found ways to use technology with them: congratulations!

Dennis in Phoenix"

Ma'a al-salaamah--


Hala said...

Ola Nadia,
Thank you for dropping by, for your nice words about my blog and for the sweet comment you added earlier about the Nile!
I hope you could come to Sudan one day!

Hala said...

Dear partner (Dennis)
It was an honor to work with YOU and Maru during BaW09! We were a @hell@ of a team, weren't we?:-)
Your comment on the bubbleshare photo was posted, but guess what? There are 7 of them there.LOL
Nice of you to drop by!