Thursday, August 27, 2009

It is easy to fall in love with technology

Danah Boyd, on her article writes:
**It is easy to fall in love with technology
. It is equally easy to fear it.
**Technology does not determine practice. How people embrace technology has less to do with the technology itself than with the social setting in which they are embedded.
**Without educators, technology in the classroom is useless.
**There are also no such things as “digital natives.” Just because many of today’s youth are growing up in a society dripping with technology does not mean that they inherently know how to use it.
**Along the same lines, keep in mind that the technology that you adore may hold no interest for your students. They don’t use or Second Life or Ning or Twitter as a part of their everyday practices.
**Technology is a wonderful tool but it is not a panacea. It cannot solve all societal ills just by its mere existence. To have relevance and power, it must be leveraged by people to meet needs. This requires all of us to push past what we hope might happen and focus on introducing technology in a context that makes sense.

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