Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Changing Perception

It an amazing trip and experience that I consider a turning point, not only in my career , but in my whole life!
Nigeria, with its three tribes and hundreds of dialects and languages, has changed my perception about " Sharing your knowledge, experience, thoughts, information,fear and dreams is not only caring, it is a human potential.As a teacher, I know this is what I have been doing: Helping others to learn.Having a new vision,experiencing new values, seeing other parts of the world, dealing with different cultures in one country and watching the world through new lenses. It is the sense of mission that could fill up or eliminates any other feelings of emptiness that one could ever experience one day.I may sound ridiculous, but again and again, it is the language barrier that doesn't help me convey what I am feeling now.I just want to say that it was a trip that helped me to put my conscious and thoughts in harmony.

My presentation went great, together with Lawan.It was the first of its type.Vance presence for few minutes, added to the synchronous concept that we were trying to explain.
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