Monday, November 05, 2007

Psychology, not technology

Today, I was on a "cleaning over", going through my inbox"es"", delidious account and many other cyber-scattered documents.I stopped on Terry Freedman article.Here are my favorite quotes"
"What is really interesting is doing stuff that you simply can't do in the normal classroom."True!Technology helped a lot in exposing my students to other cultures and the rest of the world.

" There are three groups of people, broadly speaking: those who are convinced of the benefits of technology, those who have no real opinion one way or the other, but who are getting good results and therefore see no urgent reason to change, and those who won't touch technology with a bargepole."Although I didn't know the meaning of bargepole, these are exactly the types of teachers we have here.Even the second type is too afraid to take the intuitive.

"Psychological aspects are the driving force or the barrier to showing teachers the ineffable value of technology in the classroom." Carla Arena in a comment to Terry Freedman.

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