Saturday, February 07, 2009

Images4education:" I blame you.."

Amazing post ! The tile is "Flickr, I blame you.." This is what I commented:
"You told MY story! People around now me think that I am a geek! I recommend you to join images4education, the session I blame for being like this. My "phobia" has just started 5 weeks ago, but, reading your post, now I know where it will lead me.
It immediately inspired me to post about what images4education,Exploring Images in the 21st Century Classroom,a six-week online workshop, one of the Electronic Village Online Sessions has made to me.A session during which I didn't post a single post, but the effect was so strong for a lurker.With a low quality mobile camera, without posting a single post,(no excuses!!), this is what images4education "has really done to me, for me":
Sharing what you see from your window:(25/1/09)

Realizing that I should reflect about my teaching in large classes:(2/2/09)

Or when I remind myself to take document the first tooth-loss for my baby:(30/1/09)

Or when I was at a traffic light and see a funny name for a mini cafeteria selling juices ( Blood Bank Juices):24/1/09)

After teaching for nearly 9 years in my university, I have never thought of taking a shot for the scene that I see daily when I get out of my classes on the fourth floor:

I have grown up with putting Henna. I used to put Henna weekly when I was younger. It's so normal. Now, I started to look deeper into the images drawn and see the beauty of the drawings and how these simple not well-educated women( Hananat)can create a flowery "plateau" on a bride leg/hand:

Family gatherings at my flat? Weekly, daily on holidays. Never thought of taking a picture that can be entitled " What a community we are!":

Simply put: images4eduation is to blame for this. I imagine what have I turned into if I was sharing, posting, interacting, collaborating. This is crazy!!LOL. Maybe I can say,"I want to see the change I want to be", from a quote on one of a very nice post I have read earlier this week: 'I want to be the change I want to see' Gandhi.
My gratitude goes for a session whose moderators do not know what they have done to one of the participants. Excellent job, gils and gys!!
Session moderators are: Alice Barr, Ana Maria Menezes, Bob Sprankle, Carla Arena, Cheryl Oakes, Daniela Munca, Jane Petring, João Alves, Mary Hillis, Nina Lyulkun, Ronaldo Júnior, and Susan Burg.


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sorry to have to tell you but your link to my Gandhi page has an error. The correct address is
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Thank you for directing me to the correct URL.
It's now fixed!