Wednesday, February 04, 2009

21 and More Opened Tabs;Twitter

I start my daily online journey with checking emails (2@yahoo, 1@gmail). Then I move to twitter. This happens in a multitasking way. The bandwidth is not so fast and I sue both IE and Firefox at the same time( wonder if this good!), so while waiting for a page to open, I would have done 2-3 tasks. I wonder if this how people multitask!!Anyway, I usually start with a plan on my side, written on my notebook. I have to finish what I planed (usually not too many)before I put my toy off.These days, I always end up with "None is done" phrase. Why? Because I start with twitter, and end up with 20 something tabs opened on my Firefox browser. I end up to the neck fulled with knowledge, news, update articles, joining seminars, meeting or presentations, asking for help, sending tweets to sick people, giving hellos to ones missed and so many tweets on the tweet sphere. I was, for the third time, so reluctant about Twitter, but now, it's my homepage for staring the journey, BUT still can't figure out how to use it with my students!! I will work on that soon. The photos are for a presentation at Elluminate about informal learning that I dived in when I followed a tweet by Cris. When I was in, I was asked if there are informal learning cases in Sudan I want to share.I remembered the students who sit at the back and that when I try to engage them in class and they reply by "Ha?".
Today, I started with this post!Good start, Hala! Now off to Twitter!

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