Sunday, February 03, 2008

Anything Native, again!

Yes, exactly as I wrote here three days ago! I got an invitation for a mailing list at Google Groups announcing a group for English Language Teachers in Sudan, created by the American Embassy.Looking for the number of members; 30 members! The moderator set it for "not seeing members' identity."So? Teachers do check their emails. It is neither a technophobic problem, nor time availability.It is the American, British or authorized issues.Nothing individual could be trusted. Maybe back to my "nutshell " is better.Isn't it Hala 2??Maybe not. I think I will fight to spread the news of Web. 2.0 in Sudan even if it took me ages. I am still in my twenties!!


halanur said...

Alsalam alukum ya Hala
Please start spreading the news about web2.0 as soon as possible, I am not as young as you (ha,ha,ha) I will give you all the support I can.
Hala Salih

Walter said...

Sorry about that - you should be able to see the list of all the members now! -Walter