Sunday, February 17, 2008

Leadership Workshop

Leadership is exercised, not only in commercial business( although that is probably the single area of activity where leaders are to be found), but in virtually every area of life from the cradle to the grave. Principles of leadership apply in any sphere of activity, including education, science, military, charitable work classroom( wow!) and other fields.

What I got out of this workshop about leadership into classroom:
1) Set out objectives before putting the syllabus.
2) Develop teachers' awareness of the We who could spread the word.They will be the maestro who will draw the whole picture.
3)this should be on the spot and you will be surprised by the result.
Bringing Efficiency to my classroom( apply it to my classroom)
tap on the talent, you his mind and his heart.
You need to give him the belonging to a community sense.
Cascade your goals and objectives.
Topics: search engines, plagiarisms.
Slides+handouts+videos+show the video in the middle+tools are what used to carry messages.

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