Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sharing Love!

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day in Islam!
We are raised on not to say "I love you" to your wife in front of your kids.Do not let people see you touching her hand or hugging her! It is improper to put your hand of your wife's( husband)shoulder infront of others. Saying " I love you" to your kids will lead them to think you are weak!!!

But I DO NOT do ANY of these.Islam tells us that you HAVE to /tell show others that you love them.You have work hard to plant all deeds that flourish and grow into "love". You have to pray for others if they need.You have to add them in your Du'aa, without them knowing that you do ask God to help them.

I live a life in which I taught my kids that the word I love you is a very important word in one's own dictionary.Use it and all your days will be Valentines'
Cristina Costa created this wonderful show with her warm voice:

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Mo.Kashan said...

dear hala
is that islam!! how can we change it?