Saturday, April 26, 2008

Global thinking , local action!

How it was started?
Our society is conservative, but it is changing now. We are still bounded with customs, culture and religion bonds.
What was generated?
A hot discussion between Veronica and Mageed! :-) It was around: Mageed's unreadiness to share kitchen with his wife, in case she is supposed to finish a distance education course.She has to do it 'all"; her responsibility ( in this case the kitchen) and her study, without him ( Mageed) to help out.Changing a society in which you are one member, to be better, is very difficult.He adds that he can't allow his daughter, 16, in Khartoum, to go alone to an Internet café, for her safety, only because a girl is not allowed to go alone at that time.( I agree!)
Mageed states that we should confront the society, but Vernonica says that Sudan is living with force, so we can start it gradually,as any change in all areas should be gradually ( I agree!) We should not impose anything.We should consider elements that suit our culture and society. We have to value our culture, and try to change the behavior.
Mageed says that we should use different strategies for change to come.
What we all agreed upon as a conclusion?
Education is the key for everything.
Online education will help A LOT in closing the digital gender gab we have, raising awareness about AIDS; how to fight poverty, prevention of crises before they strike, etc.ICT will facilitate development in general.
Questions remained
(Now, I am blogging live):On e-learning Africa News Portal,a pre-conference workshop works towards " empowerment and substantial growth", They stated that it worked "well all over the world because the learning need comes from the person and the learning happens in an authentic learning environment based on an authentic need.” When Teachers Learn – Providing Local Teacher Training With Global Best Practice
..How are we going to implement online education in Sudan?
..How can your university be a change agent in ICT field in our Sudanese society?You are the most educated people and you should participate in this."Leikny, Khartoum
..a few examples to help us go into global thinking and try to apply innovative ideas into our local context:
Computer assisted teacher training CATT: a project by USAID in Namibia, which was directed to girls only .
Links live blogged
ICTs and the Professional Development of Teachers
A Handbook to Guide and Assess the Appropriate Use of ICTs to Aid in the Professional Development of Teachers to Benefit Education For All
Terry Freedman's News & Views, Computers in Classrooms April 2008
THE site for leaders and managers of educational ICT
Rich-Media Webcasting Technologies for Science Dissemination
Here is a paper that "presents a brief history, and identifies current uses and trends for deploying ICTs, primarily in the formal Kindergarten to Grade 12 education system, with a focus on the online environment. It considers three main questions: (1) Why do ICTs need to be considered as a critical tool in education for sustainable development (ESD)?; (2) What ICTs are currently being used by educators and learners?; and (3) What can we expect to see in the near future?"

Thank you, Leikny! GREAT discussion.

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