Thursday, April 10, 2008

ICT in Education Course

I consider myself lucky to be invited by Dr Ayman Badri, Ahfad University, to take a course in ICT in Education and Management System. He is the University Academic counterpart of the course. It is in fact a part of a joint Master Program in International Education and Development , with Oslo University, Cape Town University and Ahfad University.Course duration is one month, 7th April-3rd May 2008, at AlHafeed Library at the university.The lecture is Prof. Leikny Orgim.Participants are three NOMA students+17 from Ahfad and other universities.
My opinion? More than great! What I like best? In addition to the content and the knowledgeable instructor, the flexibility of the course plan. She came to Sudan, with a very slight idea about the participants, who re from different specializations, with a course plan and overview of what she should cover. From the first day, she started to change her plans. I loved this! I will adapt this to my coming work. It is not a mistake if you change the plan according to your participants' needs.I think teachers here should learn this. If I have done this in workshop, this would be taken against me( she is not well prepared!).When this comes from this Prof., then they will know that this normal, sometimes a must for the benefit participants.
This turns into a long post. Stay tuned for more. I hope I will be able to post a daily digest of the sessions on the wiki I created to put everything in one place.

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