Monday, April 21, 2008

ICT in Education cont. :Digital Divide

Digital divide is a concept related to education, economic and power. It is the divide or gab between those who have the hardware and infrastructure and those who don’t, between users and consumers. Also, it could be looked upon from other diversities; between the north and south , countries within countries,
(geographically) , teachers and students (academically ), men and women ( gender) , social classes ( socially), between nations( politically)
There is no boarders or laws to prevent country/people/individual from using this digital knowledge, information.The only solution is MONEY.
On the other hand, some say that we don't see it appropriate to see ICT in schools while those pupils suffering from finding fresh clean water or medical care.
In Zambia, Prof Leikny said that one of the visiting educators asked about 700 students a very simple question:" Who has touched a computer before? " only 3 hands were raised .
it is difficult and it is all about money BUT Policy is also involved here.The question is: what could be done on the national or local level to bridge the gab? I think if the Southern Sudan had separated from the North, the digital divide will be bridged very fast and one day we will wake up and find ourselves way behind the south.
There are *More* mobiles and more Internet cafes, so we don't have to be pessimistic.The important thing is to overcome this digital divide, is to be put more on agriculture and on development.
How can these technical devices be used in education??
The above is about International level. Next Saturday will be about national level and trying to figure out solutions for our Sudanese context. I love this course!


Carla Arena said...

Dear Hala,

I think we shouldn't be pessimistic. In fact, yesterday I was listening to an interesting report on mobility that you might want to check.

Cheers from Key West and great to be together with you in the wikieducator training!

Hala said...

Hi Carla,
Thanks for dropping by!
I guess we have to be optimistic to be able to go along with the change we wish to create in our society.
The podcast of the Economist is great, thanks!
See you around,