Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mini_ Lesson on Online Tools

Today, at the University of Khartoum, I accepted an invitation from Hala Salih, Head of English Section at University Requirements Department, to come and show her and one of her assistant how to use Web 2.0 tools in English Classroom.Basically, to talk about my experience with my students in 2007. Hala is the only teacher now who is putting into practice what she learned from EVO sessions.Her enthusiasm, the support that she finds from the university, an assistant, her being in charge of decisions and her choosing to implement this in School of Math, where there is excellent infrastructure and well knowledgeable IT students , will definitely come up with amazing outcomes.I came to know about the University of Khartoum well designed, though I have reservations about not being dynamic, website. Dr. Sami Shereef, one of the best in ICT in Sudan, is the one responsible.He is very helpful and encourages innovative ideas in teaching using ICT. They re using the Moodle now in some of their schools.
Well, Hala wrote about the visit hereI was flattered when I read what she called me a "CALL expert". I am not at all one, but I only consider myself a pioneer in a filed that is not explored in Sudan.Thanks Hala.I enjoyed your hospitality, enthusiasm and creativity. Lucky your students and department!!I wish Hala the best of luck.May everything goes well and , as I told her, I am here to help, assist and participate in anything Web 2.0's:-)

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