Saturday, May 12, 2007

Falling in Love

Moved from my "Forward" blog 4/14/07
When did I fall in love with computers and the use of technology to learn/teach English?
Well, when I started teaching ESP in 2001, it was at Computer Sciences Program. This was before Tagana becomes a university. It was a great challenge to me to read, study, collect, organize, and revise all the grammar I studied. I used to read up-to-date news and articles to be able to pick up the vocabulary I needed. It was a hard time .With a computer at home and two little cute organized kids, I fall in love with computers and got interested in it. I found the information useful.
Now, after spending two years at Medicine and Dentistry (another story of being a physician!), I was transferred again to Computer Science College. At first, I thought it was the end of my PhD path, which has not started yet. However, before I completed the first semester, I knew it was Allah's gift to me.
Now, after taking advantages of this opportunity, I ask for help whenever I need something. Help is always at my fingertips. Also, the staff helps me to learn about their students' needs. One of my colleagues made a remark about wishing that his/her students could make better presentations in the course, so I decided to include that in the future. Doing a session on how to present and then evaluate their presentations or give them feedback is not found in any course here at al Tagana.. In order to prepare for this kind of work, I will keep on asking, investigating, sharing offering what I have for the best of my students. Maybe I will find more Ajjr in heaven, but I do not expect anything on earth!! :-)))))

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