Thursday, May 17, 2007

Web-based Learning

To learn through/with the web or integrating web tools in the learning process. This is what the title means.
Web-based learning is a window to the world, through which we, in Sudan could have a powerful telescope to expose us to the whole world.
How does all this relate to English language teaching/learning? It means the possibility t access hundreds of ELT web sites, all skills n English are addressed, authentic languages and materials are there, contacts with teachers from around the world, exchanging information between students around the world to know other cultures, to gain a more comprehensive and complete knowledge and to have a look at other lesson plans and classroom experiences, sometimes for the same lesson!
General Recommendations:
1.Urgent need for ELT educators and teachers to adapt the new ICT.
2.Absolute necessity to 'rethink' the whole educational system in order to adapt it to the demands of the changes.
3.Teacher training to use the tools is a must.

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