Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Thanks Sudan Telecommunication

While hunting for an important email, I found this email I sent to one of the lists asking for help when the website I kept all my photo was blocked in Sudan.
A belated thank you for our telecommunication in Sudan.
Fri, 02 Feb 2007
Earlier on this list, I posted about Bubbleshare being blocked. The
day before yesterday ,to my surprise, I found that is also
blocked! I turned into a mad woman( men know how that would be of
course!!).I called the telecommunication company, as they put their
"how to reach them " button in a big and clear font).After a furious
talk, and to my big surprise, the man was very cooperative ,
listened attentively , took the URL's and among my speech, I said
something about having blocked a website before and I didn't
complained. The man was very keen to listen about the types of these
websites and for what purpose do I use them.Then, he promised to call back.
Guess what? Yesterday, Both were back with a telephone call of apology telling me we are sorry for the inconvience and we promise this issue will not happen again!
I began to think whether Sudan is *really *developing! !!!

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