Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Presentation at the British Council

Earlier thoughts:
I have been busy lately preparing for my presentation at the BC on the 5th of June. It will be Webcasted at Alado.On Sunday, I had met with Andy and my dear friend Cris for testing the room and it was a kind of an orientation. I will just let him and Teresa do the job, of "next slide please". I hope it will a success!
Second thought:
I Alas! I have almost finished! Today I decided to put the 101 link into a wiki..Let's see if it could be inserted there. I don't want it to a daunting presentation, but I can't stop feeling the "oh, this is important. they have to know about this..that..!!".I guess here comes what is called "the researcher" instinct, and we Sudanese are not taught to be ones!!!!!
God be with me!

1 comment:

Randa said...

You will do great. I like that you chose 101 URLs to post, it is better than 100%. looking forward to it